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Building The Rio Grande Southern Volume 3 Dvd

Part #: 302-20024

Green Frog Productions

DVD -- Building the RGS: Volume 3 In Volume 3 of Building the RGS we'll cover the beginning construction of the town of Dolores, Colorado. You'll see some unique features in the following portions of construction: ' Benchwork' Track laying-including the stub switches and their wiring ' Photo Mural Backdrop installation' A very unique access door to the layout that carries the backdrop, tracks, sidings and the bulk oil plants at the southern end of town ' Wiring' the tracks, We also will begin the scenery that ties the photo mural backdrop to the layout, as well as the planning of the rest of the town, parts of which will be done in Bas Relief with photos of the real structures in Dolores! Approx: 56 Minutes--Dolby Digital 2.0

Building the Rio Grande Southern Volume 3 DVD