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Building The Rio Grande Southern Volume 2 Dvd

Part #: 302-20023

Green Frog Productions

DVD -- Building the RGS: Voluem 2 We continue the building of Durango on the huge ON3 Rio Grande Southern. We'll be showing how to add a fascia board to the front of the layout, how to lay down the ballast in the yard, and a great way to build a disappearing drop leaf access hatch in the middle of the yard, and another lift up hatch behind the roundhouse. Also covered is the building of the scenery which will tie the backdrop to the layout, and we'll detail that scenery with shrubs and bushes to match the backdrop. Next we'll tackle the scratchbuilding of the Durango station. Then we'll construct a retaining wall for a small mine, and build a tunnel portal to take us to the next room, as well as construct scenery around the portal and next to the mine. We'll also build a rock retaining wall between two tracks, make some rubber molds, and apply castings from them to our roughed in scenery. Then we'll detail the area around the tunnel portal. Next we'll show you a very unique way to construct a flat backdrop to represent the town of Durango....and we'll place those flats onto the backdrop. The details inside the car shops are important too, and we'll add those. Approx: 60 Minutes--Dolby Digital 2.0

Building the Rio Grande Southern Volume 2 DVD