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Weathering First Coats Acrylic 5/Pk

Part #: 214-511

Chooch Enterprises

Weathering First Coat Acrylic Paint 5-Color Set -- Each Color 2oz 59.1ml Stage Two features Saffron Yellow, Heritage Brick, Charcoal Grey, Cadmium Red and Burlap Tan. Stage Two is what makes our system unique! You can enhance the ONE base color, like Heritage Brick over your Box Car Red. Or Saffron Yellow over your Reefer Yellow Car. Keep “washing” variations of these colors over your base color using the Grey and Tan to vary the levels of color. Your models will come alive with several layers of translucent color, allowing each layer to dry. You will be able to see all the color layers, adding tremendous depth to your model.

Weathering First Coats Acrylic 5/pk