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John Norwood's Railroads

Part #: 30-581317

Heimburger House Publishing

Book -- John Norwood's Railroads. This volume, John Norwood’s fourth in a series, covers a much broader range of railroading than his previous books. Though John is one of the country’s leading Rio Grande Narrow Gauge experts, he has chosen to feature many different rail lines in text and photographs. His general railroad experience is vast and infinite. His father who began his railroad career in 1909, was a typical boomer Morse telegrapher, having worked for 23 different railroads in his life. John adds, “And our family saw all of those railroads.” Within these pages John relates his colorful stories and vivid memories of small lines such as the 162-mile-long Rio Grande Southern, for whom he worked, to large railroads such as the Missouri Pacific, Gulf, Mobile & Ohio, Union Pacific, Colorado Midland, D&RGW, Illinois Central, Santa Fe, Kansas City Southern-Frisco, Rock Island, Milwaukee, San Diego & Arizona Eastern and others.

John Norwood's Railroads