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Passenger Trains Of Denver The Decade Before Amtrak: 1960 1970

Part #: SPP-035827

South Platte Press

Passenger Trains of Denver, The Decade Before Amtrak: 1960-1970. 8.5x11 softcover, 64 pages. "This book provides an informative review of passenger train service to Colorado's Mile High City in the last full decade before the start of Amtrak in 1971. Synopsis histories are provided for Denver Union Station and for every passenger train from six major railroads (AT&SF) Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe, (CB&Q) Chicago Burlington and Quincy, (CRI&P) Chicago Rock Island and Pacific - The Rock, Rock Island, (D&RGW) Renver and Rio Grande Western, DRG, (MP) Mopac - Missouri Pacific, and (UP) Union Pacific - that operated into Denver during this era. A brief overall operational history is provided for each train, plus sample equipment consists from different years - illustrating the rise and fall of some of the most famous passenger trains to operate across the western United States. Also included is a timeline showing the gradual demise of train service to Union Station, plus an example of why passenger service to Denver became a matter of nostalgia versus profitability. More than 50 black and white photographs by the author and others add to this tribute to the last years of commercial passenger train service to the base of the Rocky Mountains."

Passenger Trains of Denver - The Decade Before Amtrak: 1960-1970